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Tomio Sasanigori Nama Genshu

Junmai Daiginjo

Undiluted, unpasteurised, unfiltered. Light nigori with dry finish. Full of umami.

*This sake is unpasteurised, therefore only available for customers in restaurant as it has to be kept cold before consumption.

Produced by Kitagawahonke Inc.
Established in the Edo Period, Kitagawahonke has a recorded history that stretches back to 1657. The sake brewing at Kitagawahonke was started by Funaya Shirobee, who ran lodgings for river passengers on the Uji-gawa River near the Kangetsukyo Bridge. Funayano-Sake became a well-known brand name as Shirobee’s product was enjoyed by many people in both Osaka and Edo.
Kitagawahonke produces a sake called Tomio, a name taken from and inspired by the Nine Chinese Classic Texts. The name signifies “those who are rich in spirit will enjoy a long, happy life.” Since 1983, when the company first put Tomio forward at the Annual Japan Sake Awards, their flagship sake has won 15 gold awards.

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