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Shichiken the Velvet

Junmai Ginjo

An elegant sake that feels like fine velvet on the palate. Flavours of green apple and herbs. Brewed with the spring water of the Southern Japanese Alps, which is also used for the famous Hakushu Whiskey. Pairs elegantly to fish meals.

Produced by Shichiken Brewery, Yamanashi Meijo
Shichiken Brewery is located in the center of Japan at Hakushucho, Hokuto City, Yamanshi prefecture. Hokuto City is known for its pristine water source, which attracts several major companies to set up mineral water factory in Hokuto City making Japan’s number one place for mineral water production.
In 2014 Minami Alps National Park which includes Mount Kaikoma was selected as UNESCO Eco Park, also known as UNESCO biosphere reserve list, certifying it as mountain with world class water. Shichiken is the only sake brewery in Hakushu-cho, Hokuto City, Yamanashi prefecture and the only sake that is produced with water from Mount Kaikoma.

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