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Modern Senkin Kamenoo

Junmai Ginjo

By using an ancient Kame-no-o sake rice, it draws out its fullest energy and power and created a juicy and elegant characteristic. It has a refined sweetness and refreshing. Best to serve cold like white wine.

Produced by Senkin Brewery
Senkin’s sake are brighter and juicier than other sake; their focus is principally on deviating from the norm with elements of higher acidity and residual sugar levels.
Applying the same concept as a Domaine or Estate, Senkin uses the same water for brewing as that which grows their rice, and they will only use contract-farmed Omachi, Yamada Nishiki, or Kame no O rice grown within 5 minutes of the brewery. They proudly implement both modern and traditional brewing methods across their various sake series.

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