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Ninki-ichi Taru

Junmai Ginjo

“Taru-zake” is stored in the Japanese cedar barrels which were the traditional method for storing and transporting sake. The aroma is reminiscent of the fragrant cedar mountain forest in Japan and the flavor is smooth yet spicy finishing with a mild aftertaste. A must taste for the true sake connoisseur and a pleasant surprise for the first time drinker.
This junmai ginjo sake also brewed in Taru. This double taru combination is rare in modern world.

Produced by Ninki Shuzo, Fukushima Japan
Ninki Shuzo, a well-known sake brewery, is unwavering in its dedication to quality and authenticity. They carefully create sake, putting in maximum effort and avoiding shortcuts. Using traditional tools like wooden implements, a Japanese steaming cauldron, and koji fermentation trays, they deliberately avoid more efficient alternatives.

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