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Izumibashi Junmai Umeshu Yamadajuro

Umeshu & Yuzushu

Umeshu made with Junmai Sake. Plum (ume) is from local area and it is called Yamada Juro. Delicate balance of sweetness and fruitiness.
Beautifully balanced umeshu is perfect to accompany meal time or as digestif.

Produced by Izumibashi Shuzo
Izumibashi Sake Brewery was founded in 1857, during Japan’s Edo era. Nestled in the heart of the Ebina heartland, Izumibashi has long taken advantage of the area’s natural bounty, from abundant land for rice growing to the natural waterflow from Mt. Tanazawa.
At Izumibashi, we make only authentic junmai sake using our own rice.
We use generations-old method based in tradition to bring natural flavors to you.

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