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Kanekyo Kanro Shochu


Honkaku Shochu made with imo (sweet potato). This hand crafted shochu is stored in ceramics. Use of black koji adds its depth and low temperature distillation makes deep and full but balanced gentle flavour. Clean finish so goes very well at meal time.

Produced by Kyoya Shuzo, Miyazaki
Kyoya Shuzo was founded in 1834. Specializing in producing and aging shochu in 800L ceramic pots. The pots induces natural fermentation that requires neither artificial heating nor cooling. Kyoya’s company policy is to make shochu that is friendly to the environment. Accordingly, the distillery operates an agri-company that cultivates sweet potatoes using natural compost. The company also grows rice with the aid of Aigamo (mixed-breed) ducks. The ducks forage on weeds, help plow the fields with their movements and leave droppings, making the rice fields fertile and healthy without the use of agricultural chemicals.

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