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Ishizuchi Junmai Omachi

Junmai shu

Junmai Shu brewed with Omachi rice. Dry and rich in flavour. Best served warm but you can enjoy at any temperature.

Produced by Ishizuchi Shuzo, Ehime Japan
Founded in 1920. Saijo City, Ehime prefecture, is the city of water where clean spring water called “Uchinuki” gushes up everywhere in the city. Therefore, this city is selected as one of the hundred places of the nation’s famous waters. The spring water gushing at this brewery located at the foot of Mt. Ishizuchi, the highest mountain in western Japan is the purest and fullest of mineral. This sake charged by plenty of water tastes refreshing but has cored savories.
The brewery is located on a small hill overlooking the city area. 4 persons of family members brew completely by hand. Sake quality with exceptional sense of stability is produced because each member does his / her duties precisely.

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