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Amabuki Kasutori Shochu

Kasutori - rice

Honkaku Shochu made with rice.
This shochu is made with sake lees (sake Masu) straight after pressing Ginjo Sake. It will be fermented and distilled. Ginjo aroma like melon,
peach, apple gets enhanced by maturing in ceramic tank for at least 1 year and several years in storing tank.

Produced by Amabuki Shuzo, Saga Japan
Found in 1688, Amabuki Shuzo has been producing sake for 300 years, and its brewers, who have inherited skills accumulated during its long history, are earnestly making an effort to produce good sake using sake-brewing rice harvested in the fertile Saga Plain, mild river-bed water from the Sefuri-Tensan areas, and new flower yeast.

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