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Manotsuru Dry Junmai

Junmai shu

Nihonshudo (Sake mater value) is more than +15. Super dry junmai. Good with fish dishes.

Produced by Obata Shuzo, Sado, Niigata Japan
Sado Island where MANOTSURU sake is brewed, has been in the forefront of nature conservation. Particularly, this island has concentrated its efforts in conserving Toki, the Japanese crested ibises. An island that is kind to Toki is kind to humans as well, creating a safe atmosphere for living.

Such an atmosphere yields positive results to every process of sake brewing. On this island, we have been cultivating Niigata’s special sake rice, “Koshitanrei” and “Gohyakumangoku” with skilled farmers.

MANOTSURU sake has a transparent dryness, with the soft and gentle taste. Top quality sake rice, soft water, beautiful nature and climate…MANOTSURU is a sake that was born from Sado Island.

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