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Asabiraki Kimoto Tokubetsu Junmai

Junmai shu

Rich flavour and balanced acidity. Kimoto is the traditional method of brewing. It gives more depth and higher acidity.

Produced by Asabiraki Co., Ltd.
Genzo Murai who was “Samurai” of Nanbu Clan established Asabiraki Sake Brewery in 1871 (Meiji Era).
“Nanbu Toji” which is a group of sake brewing experts has formed around this area more than 300 years ago.
heir exellence of techniques has become famous through out of Japan, and many of them has been invited to sake breweries all over Japan as sake brewing masters.
Essence of their techniques is creating well-defined aroma with sharp finish in its sake with lower temparature and longer-term fermentation techniques using the merit of cold Norhern weather in Iwate.
This technique is called Nanbu Style.

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